Bioretention ponds use plants and soil to infiltrate and treat storm water runoff. They combat pollutants and create beautiful public spaces. Before constructing your next bioretention pond, we urge you to understand a few things:

  1. Soil mix matters. It must have the desired infiltration rate in order to function, support vegetation, and provide water quality treatment. It should also be tested and certified by your state.
  2. An ineffective bioretention pond can have long-term consequences. If the wrong soil is used, or materials are improperly installed, ponds can shrink over time, contaminate water, become hazardous to the environment, or cost you more money in having to “fix” the problem.

At Scott Materials, bioretention ponds are on of our specialties. We’re proud to offer Metro and Franklin Certified Bioretention soil and our placement and installing expertise.

Bioretention Ponds

  • Publix 8th Ave - Nashville TN
  • A+ Storage - Nashville TN
  • Rock Springs Elementary - Antioch TN
  • Legacy Middle School - Franklin TN

Rooflite and Lightweight

  • 5th and Broadway - Downtown Nashville TN
  • 13th and Broadway - Downtown Nashville TN
  • Capital View Block D - Downtown Nashville TN     

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