Our technical expertise is backed by a fleet of professional, modern vehicles that we put into gear to accommodate all your delivery, placement, and installation needs. These trucks are unique; they sling gravel and other coarse materials, or blow soil and inject seed at the same time.

Tri-axle Dump
Our Tri-axle Dump truck is the optimal vehicle choice for lighter loads, and for making local deliveries and maneuvering in construction yards.

Quad-axle Conveyor Dump
Our Quad-axle Conveyor Dump truck is the optimal vehicle choice for supporting longer and heavier delivery loads.

Slinger and Blower Trucks

All-Terrain Slinger/Placer
Fully off-road for nearly any terrain, our All-Terrain Slinger/Placer is the optimal vehicle choice for placing and installing material in difficult to reach areas, around buildings, or behind obstacles.

Reload Conveyor
Our Reload Conveyor is used to quickly and efficiently load material into trucks for transport or for other applications.

HD Blower Truck
Our HD Blower Trucks are the most powerful model available. They allow us to place materials without line of sight, up to a 500 foot (10 story) accuracy rate.

Slinger Truck
Our Slinger Trucks distribute materials into desired areas rapidly and effectively with line of sight, up to an 80 foot accuracy rate.

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Scott Materials has over 52 years experience producing, delivering, and installing and placing soil and other materials for architects, commercial builders, developers and landscapers. If you want it done right and fast, call us.

Scott Materials, Inc.

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