Certified Green Roof Media

Rooflite is the only company that offers complete, engineered soil systems for your green roof, with the right soil horizons at the right depth to optimize green roof performance and ensure healthy plant growth. Sharing features with all 10 of our soil systems, our Planters Soil System provides structural stability, ensures healthy root growth, and creates long-lasting success, even for deep systems.

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Scott Materials, Inc.
4701 Old Hydes Ferry Pike
Nashville, TN 37218


Phone: (615) 262-5800
Fax: (615) 262-9007
Email: info@scottmaterials.com
Hours: Mon - Sat - 6:30am - 4:00pm


Scott Materials has over 52 years experience producing, delivering, and installing and placing soil and other materials for architects, commercial builders, developers and landscapers. If you want it done right and fast, call us.

Scott Materials, Inc.

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