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Soil Blends, Topsoil Installed

Shredded Topsoil is forced through a sizing screen to break up any clods and remove roots and rocks.


Bio Retention soil is an engineered mix used to filter water before it leaves job sites. also called Rain Garden soil.


Great Scott Plus is a mix of 80% topsoil and 20% compost shredded and blended together to make a wonderful planting or lawn mix.


Great Scott 3 Part Mix is an equal blend of topsoil, compost and sand shredded and blended for a well drained planting soil for trees and shrubs.

Great Scott Garden is a blend of topsoil, pine fines, compost, and sand with a ph of 5.5 - 6.5 for growing wonderful vegetables.

Mulch Installed

Triple Shredded Hardwood Mulch is recycled from local tree waste aged and tripple shredded for a smooth uniform look.


ColorKote Chocolate-Colored Mulch is made from natural hardwoods and colored with an environmentally-safe chocolate dye for a rich, dark product.


ColorKote Brown-Colored Mulch is dyed with environmentally safe products and made of natural hardwood to brighten residential and commercial landscaping projects.


Pine Bark is produced from the outermost layers of Pine trees. This bark has a natural darker brown color and great pine scent. 


Other Products

Erosion Socks are available in 8, 12 & 18". TDOT approved. Ask us about installing on site. (currently not producing erosion socks, call for special order)


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