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Professional Material Delivery & Placement Services

Scott Materials is a blower and slinger truck service company and supplier of landscape materials. We make your work easier by efficiently placing materials and reducing labor-intensive jobs which would normally require a wheelbarrow, shoveling, and raking because we can place materials right into place!

We do this in the landscape industry by blowing in mulch, bark and cedar into landscape beds both for commercial and residential clients. We install engineered wood fiber for many park and recreation departments and school districts for many customers in Nashville and beyond.

We also offer green roof and planter box soil installation as well as sustainable erosion and sediment control services, terraseeding, and turf repair. Our trucks are unique in that they sling gravel and other coarse materials or blow soil and inject seed at the same time! We offer our clients the advantage of reduced labor, time and costs.

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Mulch Blowing and Delivery

Mulch Blowing is the most efficient way for mulch installation to your landscape. If you want to prep the beds yourself and we install the mulch. We blow the mulch into place for a smooth appearance.  Blowing mulch into your beds can save you time and money. Our mulch blowing process is quick and is the perfect way to freshen up and maintain your landscape.

Mulch Installation

Mulches are not simply for looks, it helps preserve soil moisture by reducing evaporation. In turn, this minimizes the need for watering. Mulch also helps reduce the germination and growth of weeds. Mulch also serves as an insulator for the roots of your plants keeping them warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Wood mulch retains the moisture in the soil to help your landscape plants survive times when rain is scarce or you can't sprinkle. Mulched soil stays moist twice as long.


As mulch decomposes, it provides nutrients to the shrubs and flowers in your landscape. Mulch keeps new weeds from sprouting but existing weeds can grow through it, so weeds need to be removed prior to remulching. Wood mulch keeps soil warm in winter to protect sensitive plants.

Check out some clips of some recent jobs below.


Green Roof soil blown in place

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